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Grow Leafy Greens – Online Course

Grow Leafy Greens – Online Course

This course by Lynn Gillespie, organic farmer of 38 years, shows you step-by-step how to grow $700 worth of organic greens in one season. Perfect in salads, smoothies and sautés. You'll start harvesting in just a few weeks! Course designed for beginning gardeners to seasoned gardeners.

>> Grow up to 3 lbs of organic leafy greens a week.

>> Grow unique greens that you can't buy at the store.

>> In self-watering containers or in raised beds.

>> In only 27 sq ft of grow space (perfect for small spaces).

>> In just 5 minutes a day.

>> Start almost any time of the year. You can be eating the most nutrient dense leafy greens in as little as 3 weeks!

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Leafy Greens Basics (3 videos):
  • You'll see how to start your leafy greens garden.
  • What secret soil mix to use for success.
  • What varieties of leafy greens to grow.
  • How to super-charge your greens nutrient-density.
  • How to get self-watering containers set up.
  • This course work for raised beds too!
Leafy Greens Weekly Episodes (20 videos):
Lynn will show you step-by-step...
  • How to best prevent and deal with pests.
  • How to rotate your leafy greens crops.
  • Harvest tips.
  • And how to troubleshoot grow issues.
You'll garden alongside an expert all season!
Access To Your Own Garden Coach
Email Lynn directly for help you when you get stuck or if garden issues come up.
($69 value)
  • Zone Growing Chart PDF
  • Leafy Greens Garden Shopping List
  • Self-Watering Container Instructions
  • Secret Family Potting Soil Recipe
  • Week-by-Week Planting Chart
  • Leafy Greens Substitute List
  • Container Garden Frost Protection

Expires Tues May 16th

"I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the great info in the leafy greens course. My gardens are a huge success and I am so enjoying the variety of different greens I am growing. I have a deck right off my kitchen where all the plants are and it is so great to just step out the door to grab a handful of greens for a smoothie or a big salad. I couldn't be happier with my investment in this course. thanks again."
– Jim

"Thanks so much for all your valuable tips and information."
– Amas

"Thank you for your dedication to helping us learn gardening. My leafy greens and strawberries were fabulous!"
– Beth

"Love my garden…..thank you so much for your wonderful lessons."
– Joann

"Growing your own food is a critical step in restoring your vitality, energy and joy. The Leafy Greens Container Garden Course is a wonderful way to begin!"
– Dr. Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles


Hi! Natalie here with Off Grid Homesteady. In 2020, out of mild panic from the crazy runs happening on the grocery stores, I decided to get serious about growing my own food.

Andy, the kids, and I built raised beds and grew starts. And then ...

...everything died.

Honestly, I think we harvested like 10 cherry tomatoes. I was about to give up gardening forever when I stumbled on Lynn's Leafy Greens course. Turns out, this course was the BEST place for me to begin learning how to grow. So I followed Lynn's instructions, and voila! We were harvesting greens like crazy!

We eat them in salads, smoothies, soups and sautés. Even my picky eaters are crazy for our garden greens.

The next year I started on Lynn's Abundance Garden Course and now I grow tons of food for my family. It gives me so much peace of mind to know I can feed my family. Plus, I love being out in the garden. Who doesn't?

Anyhow, I'm a digital marketer, so my son and I drove out and met Lynn on her farm in Colorado and I talked her into letting me offer her course to others who want to make growing their own food much, much easier.

Question: How do I access my Leafy Greens Course?
Answer: Immediately after purchasing your course you'll get an email with the subject line: Sign Up confirmation for 'The Leafy Greens Container Garden Course'. Don't see it? Check your spam folder. Just hit the Login button in the email.
Question: When can I start my Leafy Greens garden?
Answer: The beauty of the Leafy Greens Garden Course is you can begin anytime as long as you have 8 weeks of growing season ahead of you. The course will walk you through how to know that you have 8 weeks ahead of you based on your Plant Hardiness Zone.
Will I learn how to compost in this course?
Answer: Yes, Lynn includes a section on how to make your own compost in this course.
Question: How much should I plant?
Answer: Everyone eats a different amount of greens a week. The 27 square feet of containers Lynn uses in this course will easily feed 2-3 people a week depending on their greens intake. You can experiment to find out your perfect amount. If you grow extra then give some away or freeze it for
winter. If you don't get enough then start a few more boxes.
Question: What if I have pest or disease issues in my greens garden?
Answer: Lynn's got you covered. She'll show you step-by-step how to avoid and/or eradicate pests and diseases in this greens course. Plus, you'll get real-time access to Lynn if you have additional issues or questions. Gardening can be frustrating, having an expert like Lynn available to you is a total game-changer. It was for me.
Question: What soil will I use?
Answer: Soil is the foundation of growing ultra-nutrient dense organic greens. Being an organic farmer, Lynn has found the perfect soil mix you'll want for growing super healthy greens. Her recipe is included in this course.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with this Leafy Greens Garden Course within 30 days of your purchase, email and I will refund the entire amount.
Expires Tues May 16th