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The Homestead Abundance Garden Course

The Homestead Abundance Garden Course

Lynn Gillespie's Homestead Abundance Garden Course shows you how to grow 740 lbs of organic food & save over $2,500 in groceries every year.

You'll see how to easily grow:

>> 740 lbs of food every year that feeds a family of 5 with plenty to can, freeze dry, dehydrate, or give away.

>> 10X tastier fruits and veggies even your picky eaters will LOVE

>> Gut-healthy, organic food that's free of pesticides

>> Using only 128 square feet (equivalent to just four 4x8 beds)

>> In just 15 minutes a day

>> Giving you enough food for total food security!


What you get:

Lynn's Step-By-Step Food Growing System(12 modules)

Lynn's Organic Farm's Secret Soil Mix

How To Garden Like a Pro(33 videos)

The Ultimate Garden Problem Solver Guide(15 videos)


BONUS 1: The Total Veggie Guide(31 videos)

BONUS 2: Guaranteed gardening success with direct access to Lynn, your new garden coach

BONUS 3: Lifetime Access

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