Hi! Natalie & Andy here. We created Off Grid Homesteady for you because we know homesteading is a BIG undertaking. 

Combined, we have 31 years of homesteading, ranching and farming experience. We want to help make being self-sufficient easier for you on your urban or rural homestead.

Much of homesteading can be automated. Raising chickens, gardening, building, property layout, there's so many tricks we've learned along the way. Homesteading can be easy. We'll show you our tricks.

We're in the process of building our own off-grid homestead and container house with our kids in Southern Idaho (zone 5b), taking all the lessons we've learned living on an on-grid ranch. Come along and learn from our failure and wins. 

We'll be sharing our favorite products and courses that helped us simplify our daily homestead life.

We also love homestead DIY projects of all sorts, so we'll pass those along to you, too! Andy is an engineer at heart and is always coming up with the coolest farming and homesteading inventions.

Since you're here and reading this, you know striving to be more self-sufficient is worthy goal. For your kids, for our communities, for each of our family's security and wellness.

So yeah, let's do this! Leave your email at the bottom of this page to follow along.